Operational Structure

Law no 9251, date 08.07.2004 “Maritime Code of Republic of Albania” as amended:

In Albanian Territorial waters the structure for illicit ship pollution discharges is Albanian Coast Guard in cooperation with Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Transport.

In internal waters is the responsibility of a Commission established with the order of the Minister of Transport for the implementation of the procedures of the illicit acts.

Article 369

The definition of marine illicit acts

The definition of illicit acts in maritime

  1. A marine illicit act is an illegal action in inland waters, the territorial sea, the sea, in ports and on board of ships for safety of navigation and protection of human life, coasts and sea traffic.
  2. Procedures for marine illicit work carried out according to legal framework, pursuant to this Code.

Article 370

Commission for enforcement procedures for illicit acts

  1. The procedures for maritime illicit acts is conducted by a commission set up in the harbour master offices.
  2. This commission covers a specific area or two harbour master offices.
  3. The composition, the organization and functioning shall be determined by order of the Minister of Transport.

Article 371

The appeal of the commission’s decision

The decision taken by the commission of an illicit maritime will be appealed to the Ministry that covers this area.