Legal Framework

In accordance with the Decision of the Croatian Government on the publication of multilateral international treaties to which the Republic of Croatia is a party based on the notification of succession (NN, Treaties, 1/92), on 8 October 1991, the Republic of Croatia is a party to the MARPOL as amended.

Maritime Code (OG 181/04, 76/07, 146/08, 61/11, 56/13 and 26/15), Art. 47.-50. and other related articles

Maritime demesne and seaports act (OG 158/03, 100/04, 141/06 and 38/09)

Ordinance on maritime safety inspections (OG 39/11 and 112/14)

Ordinance on sea environmental protection in protected ecological-fishing zone of Republic of Croatia (OG 47/08)

Ordinance on the conditions and method of maintaining order in ports and on other parts of internal waters and territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia (OG 90/05, 10/08, 155/08, 127/10, 80/12)

Ordinance on handling dangerous goods, conditions and method of performing carriage in marine transport, loading and unloading of dangerous goods, bulk and other cargoes in ports, and methods for preventing the spreading of oil spills in ports (OG 51/05, 127/10, 34/13 and 88/13)

Contingency plan for accidental marine pollution (OG 92/08)