Operational Structure

Stakeholders involved

Coordination is essential between stakeholders in order to detect the pollution and the polluter, to collect the evidences and to prove the offence. The authorities/stakeholders involved are the following:

Stakeholders’ roles

  1. The Spanish Maritime Safety Agency:
    • Performs the surveillance operations.
    • Collects and documents the evidences.
    There are procedures in place that establish the operational methodology, the data collection and the notification and reporting process.
  2. The General Directorate of the Merchant Marine:
    • Performs the vessel inspections if the polluter calls in a Spanish port (Harbour Master’s Office).
    • Notifies the pollution incident.
    • Conducts the administrative proceedings.
    • May reroute the vessel to a Spanish port
  3. The Public Prosecutor:
    • Conducts the criminal proceedings.