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Legal Framework

Ordinance of Prevention of sea Pollution by oil, 1980.

Law of Prevention of sea pollution, 1983.

Law of Clean Environment, 1984.

Regulations for Prevention of sea pollution by oil, 1987.

Port Regulations, 1971, Ch.15.

Port regulations (Discharge of garbage from ships), 2010.

Operational Structure

Two ministries responsible for illicit ship pollution discharges, MOT*, MoEP*



MOEP website



*MOT- Ministry of Transportation (Shipping & ports Authority)

*MoEP- Ministry of environment protection

Surveillance Operations

Marine patrol, daily, by MoEP* pollution prevention inspector, with visual means, inside port areas, ships alongside & on anchorage.

Aerial patrol, up to twice per week, by MoEP* pollution prevention inspector, with visual means, above harbour area and along coast line up to 6 Nm from shore, detecting ships en route.

*MoEP- Ministry of environment protection

Annual Reports

Please see 2014 annual report to IMO, Circular MEPC/Circ.318/26 “formats for a mandatory reporting system under marpol 73/78″, Annex part 2.

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